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How we can help you?

Trying to dry a flood-damaged carpet at home can be convenient, but professionals will do this job much better. Our intention at Emergency Carpet Drying is to repair and not to replace. It is also important to start the carpet drying without any delay. Delay in this process may lead to further damage to the carpet which cannot be repaired. 

We mainly cover these 3 important categories of Flood Damage Carpet

Damage by clean water

Normally caused due to broken pipes, rainwater, or some sort of water leakage in the property. Generally, this water is not mixed with any poisonous ingredient. Such kind of carpet damage can be repaired within 24 to 48 hours of the damage. If it is late than 48 hours, this damage might turn into Category 2 damage.


This can be harmful to the body as it is infected. Generally caused by the dishwasher, washing machine, toilet overflow(water only). The carpet can be saved if it is treated on-time by the professionals. If category 2 damage is not handled within 24-48 hours, it will turn into category 3. One important thing that should be kept in mind while drying a flood-damaged carpet is that if category 2 damage is not handled within 24-48 hours, it will turn into category 3. Category 3 Carpet Damage is impossible to repair if the blackwater is soaked deeply by the carpet.


This is highly infected water. It may contain harmful materials like Pathegon. This is caused by floods in sewage, rivers, seawater, toilet backflows, etc. This category damage is going to harm your carpet quite a lot and professional service is a must here.

That is why it is necessary to contact the professional carpet drying services as soon as possible. The faster you take action, the lesser the damage will be. We are available to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are just a call away to fix any kind of Flood related Carpet Emergency.

Our Services

Carpet Restoration

We help you to restore your Flood-Damaged Carpet. We identify the category of the damage and then proceed accordingly for Carpet Restoration.

Carpet Drying

Carpet Drying using our latest and effective equipment. We will dry your carpet faster, probably within 6 to 10 hours.

Carpet Cleaning

All kinds of Carpet Cleaning Services are available to remove dirt, stains, and germs from your carpet.

Carpet Repair

We remove/restore any damaged area from your carpet and will make your carpet just like it was before the damage.  

Water Extraction

We remove any access water from your Flood-Damaged Carpet using our machinery.

Happy Customers

“Very well done job, will recommend to any business who needs a deep clean. Thank you very much.”

“Found all four personnel to be courteous, polite and willing, and would recommend the group again if necessary.”

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Can you save a Flood-Damaged Carpet?

Yes, we can save a Flood-Damaged Carpet if the carpet drying process is started immediately after the damage. It can get worse once it is left as it is for more than 48 hours. 

How long does it take a flooded carpet to dry?

Normally, 3 to 5 days is required to dry a flood-damaged carpet. The timing can be less or more depending on the category of the carpet damaged by the flood.

How long does it take to grow mold in a flood-damaged carpet?

It will take about 24 to 48 hours to grow mold in a flood-damaged wet carpet.

Can wet carpet dry on its own?

If the carpet drying is done by professionals, it will take around 6-10 hours to dry it completely. This time can change depending on the weather and humidity.

Is professional carpet drying better than doing it yourself?

The Carpet Drying professionals have more powerful and better pieces of equipment to clean a wet carpet. They know the area and extent of the damage on the carpet. It is always a good idea to call professionals for flood-damaged, wet carpet drying.

How long does it take Emergency Carpet Drying professionals to reach to the place?

After the call from clients, usually, we reach the place within 1 hour.


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