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We are available for you 24*7 to restore any kind of flood-damaged carpet, anywhere in Australia. We are the best Carpet Drying Service near your house. It doesn’t matter you are in which suburb. We are only a call away.

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Preferred by Thousands of Locals

We are recommended by countless locals. We are serving the locals for the last 15 years for their Carpet Drying Emergencies. We are best known for our quick response and timely service.

Emergency Carpet Drying Professionals are available in every suburb. We have a huge team of technicians and a large quantity of the latest equipment. Hence we can give you the best Carpet Drying Service in Australia. 

Our Services

Carpet Restoration

We help you to restore your Flood-Damaged Carpet. We identify the category of the damage and then proceed accordingly for Carpet Restoration.

Carpet Drying

Carpet Drying using our latest and effective equipment. We will dry your carpet faster, probably within 6 to 10 hours.

Carpet Cleaning

All kinds of Carpet Cleaning Services are available to remove dirt, stains, and germs from your carpet.

Carpet Repair

We remove/restore any damaged area from your carpet and will make your carpet just like it was before the damage.  

Water Extraction

We remove any access water from your Flood-Damaged Carpet using our machinery.


What's Included

  • Water Damage Inspection.
  • Deep Cleaning the Carpet.
  • Carpet Drying.

How it Works

  • Checking the extent of the flood-damage.
  • Carpet Drying using our equipment & machinery.
  • Cleaning and Deodorizing the Carpet.

Services & Pricing

  • Flood-Damaged Carpet Restoration – call us to get a free quote.

  • Carpet Drying – call us to get a free quote.

  • Carpet Repairs if needed – call us to get a free quote.

Methods used for Carpet Drying


Hot Water Extraction

Hot water is used at high pressure to penetrate into the carpet. This helps to remove dirt and bacteria. Then the hot water is extracted using a vacuum.


Carpet Shampooing

Mostly used for heavy-duty Carpet Cleaning. A foaming substance is applied to the surface of the flood-damaged carpet and then cleaned using a brush machine. Wet-vacuuming is used to remove the Shampoo.



Here we use natural foam detergents to clean and dry the carpet. Quite similar to Carpet Shampooing but comparatively it takes less time to dry.

Trusted & Experienced

We are a well-known name in Australia with the experience of more than 15 years. We have given our services like Carpet Drying and Carpet Repair Services for home as well as commercial buildings. We are skilled in every area of Carpet Drying.


Our team works with compassion and professional behaviour. We are willing to complete our work on time and our team works with sanitation.

No Contracts

Our technicians are our employees, not contractors. They are professionals with 15 years of experience. We work at your convenience. We time to time update our employees to newer technologies and services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We use the latest pieces of equipment for faster and smooth results. We follow the process of Fast Dry Deep Cleaning which removes any stain and provides deep cleaning. We make sure you get absolute satisfaction when you choose us.

Happy Customers

I highly recommend Jena’s team. They have done two excellent jobs for me. Apart from offering a high quality service (some months ago for my flooded carpet and now for carpet steam cleaning), they are so friendly and professional. doesn’t matter which day of the week you call them they attend to you very quickly, very affordable price too. Thank you very much for the job you have done. I really appreciate it!

“EmergencyCarpetDrying and the team work wonders!
They did a brilliant job cleaning and repairing our carpet for the end of the lease.
If you want the best service/price – look no further.
Their quote was the best, and the service perfect.
Go, team.

Why You Should Trust Us?

100+  Highly Professional Employees

Our team of professionals is always ready to help you, regardless of the place and time. They are always available.

400+ Services Done Everyday

With such a huge team and machinery, we are able to handle 400 services on a single day.

95+ Vans Available

Vans are always on-road to reach within one hour of the call from clients. Our vans are also well-equipped.

30,000+ Happy Customers (and counting!)

We have served over 30,000 customers across all the suburbs of Australia. This count is getting stronger day-by-day by our excellent Carpet Drying Services.

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Can you save a Flood-Damaged Carpet?

Yes, we can save a Flood-Damaged Carpet if the carpet drying process is started immediately after the damage. It can get worse once it is left as it is for more than 48 hours. 

How long does it take a flooded carpet to dry?

Normally, 3 to 5 days is required to dry a flood-damaged carpet. The timing can be less or more depending on the category of the carpet damaged by the flood.

How long does it take to grow mold in a flood-damaged carpet?

It will take about 24 to 48 hours to grow mold in a flood-damaged wet carpet.

Can wet carpet dry on its own?

If the carpet drying is done by professionals, it will take around 6-10 hours to dry it completely. This time can change depending on the weather and humidity.

Is professional carpet drying better than doing it yourself?

The Carpet Drying professionals have more powerful and better pieces of equipment to clean a wet carpet. They know the area and extent of the damage on the carpet. It is always a good idea to call professionals for flood-damaged, wet carpet drying.

How long does it take Emergency Carpet Drying professionals to reach to the place?

After the call from clients, usually, we reach the place within 1 hour.


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