Everything you need to know about Wet Carpet Drying

Wet Carpet Drying is a crucial step to save your expensive and precious carpets from water damage. It is more sensible to call emergency carpet drying professionals in such situations. But, before and after the professionals came into the scene, there are few steps you can take. It is possible to get your carpet back the way it was before the unfortunate disaster. Let us take you through the points you should keep in mind if you’re working on drying your wet carpet.


Can Wet Carpet Be Saved/Salvaged?


The first and most important question anyone could have for a wet carpet is – Can wet carpet be saved? Can my wet carpet be salvaged? Well, the answer is: YES!! If you take precautionary steps as early as possible, you can clearly save a wet carpet. But how to dry a wet carpet? Is it a good idea to hire a wet carpet cleaner? Let us give you a better explanation of the wet carpet drying process.


Wet Carpet Causes


There are numerous reasons because of which your carpet might get wet. Flood-damages are one of the top reasons to wet your carpet. Read about the types of flood damages to your carpet here. 

But other than floods, plenty of other situations can cause the carpet to get wet. One of the reasons can be a lack of heat and insulation. If your house in a humid area or you don’t have enough area for air circulations around, your carpet can get wet more often. You can prevent this by using heaters and insulations in the room. AC will also help to some extent. 

Any leaks in the room or old moisture beneath the carpet will wet your carpet for no reason. You should regularly check for such things if your carpet is wet every now and then.

If anyone has accidentally poured some liquid on the carpet. Later on, the liquid from the upper surface will dry-out. But there might be some moisture inside the carpet. You need to double-check the carpet if such things happen. Otherwise, it will create more harm to your carpet.

Rain and snow can also affect the carpets because the weather will cause moisture to the carpet. Raindrops or snowflakes can enter the house by walking or even by the wind. It is a good idea to keep the doors and windows shut during these days.

Home appliances that are primarily connected with water can damage your carpet. AC, washing machines, dishwashers are the ones. Sometimes, the leakage in these appliances can wet your carpet. To avoid such conditions, use these machines only when you are present at home. Keep the regular check of AC to prevent it from water leakage.


How to Dry a Wet Carpet?


Wet carpet drying can be a tedious task. And most of the time, it is confusing as you might don’t know how to dry a wet carpet. Wet carpet can damage your furniture, house, and even your health. It takes 24 to 48 hours to grow wet carpet mould. Wet carpet smell can be a risk to your health. But, wet carpet restoration is possible. You just need to start the restoring immediately after the damage.

So, what can be done as quick actions at home before or after wet carpet drying? What devices or tricks should anyone use to save a wet carpet? Let’s go through some easy tips and tricks to save your wet carpet.


Dehumidifier for Wet Carpet

Dehumidifiers can be beneficial after the carpet damage. Excess moisture will be there in the whole room, not just on the carpet. A dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air. Using a dehumidifier will also help to prevent mould in the wet carpet. 

It can work excellently in situations when the weather is not sunny. 

Also, it will work best in a closed room. There isn’t a need to open the windows to dry the carpet.

Wet Carpet Cleaning Machines

Wet carpet cleaning machines can offer a huge relief, especially in areas where it is not possible to remove the carpet from the surface. You can use this method in a car or in small areas of the house where it is impossible to remove the carpet from the damaged area. These machines are capable to remove all the access water from the carpet surface in a short period.

Wet Carpet Cleaner Vacuum

A wet carpet cleaner vacuum or a wet-dry vacuum can help to dry your wet carpet to a certain extent. It will remove any dirt and trash from the carpet with the help of powerful vacuums. These wet-dry cleaner vacuums can take a long time to dry the carpet. So its better if you are prepared to spend a lot of time drying the carpet. 

If you find stains in the wet carpet, you should use a stain remover first. For wet-dry vacuums, first, prepare a solution for carpet cleaning and spread it evenly across the carpet.  Choose the right filter for the vacuum and start to suck up the solution first. You will have to use the cleaner until the area is completely dry. Just like that, clean the whole carpet.

To Prevent Wet Carpet Smell

Even after the complete drying of a wet carpet, you might need to get rid of the smell. Wet carpets can smell bad, even after the drying. But some methods can be handy to prevent wet carpet smell. 

If the carpet is in a humid area or a room without windows, you can use AC or fans to extract the smell from the carpet. If there are windows then it works even better than the AC/fan method. Open the windows for air circulation. You can use baking soda, vinegar, or essential oils to get rid of that bad odour. These things are easily available in any household.

You can spread the baking soda all over the carpet and remove it after some time. To use essential oils, drop a few drops of the oil with the ix of baking soda on the smelly areas of the carpet. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Use the regular vacuum cleaner to clean this mess afterwards.


To Prevent Wet Carpet Mould

Water damage is one of the main reasons to grow mould in carpets. Moulds can be dangerous to your health and should not be ignored. Usually, it will take about 24 to 48 hours to grow mould in a wet carpet. 

To prevent wet carpet mould, you should start the carpet drying process as soon as possible. Start with removing the access water from the carpet. Once the carpet drying process is complete, either by professionals or by yourself, it is important to follow some steps to prevent further mould. 

Clean up the walls and dehumidify the area. Check the furniture if there is anything damaged. It is better to get rid of those items. Replace the carpet padding if required. So that you can prevent the main carpet to grow mould. You can also use baking soda as suggested before to stay away from moulds.


How to dry Car Carpet?

If you’re confused about how to dry your wet car carpet, don’t worry. We have got your back. Car carpets can get wet due to several reasons. It demands immediate actions to prevent further damage to the carpet as well as your car. 

Here are some quick steps to dry wet car carpet and prevent it from smelling:

  • First of all, take your car in a garage or any covered area and open the doors/windows of the car open. Or keep AC and heater on if you don’t find a closed area.
  • If the weather is sunny, you can keep the car in sunlight. 
  • Dry the access moisture from the carpet. You can use thick towels or a vacuum for this.
  • Towels will help to absorb the excess water from the carpet. 
  • If you’re using a vacuum, use it for a good amount of time until the carpet is almost dry.
  • Next up to prevent smell and mould from car carpet, you can use old and trusted DIY of Baking soda.
  • Or you can also use detergent/shampoo on the damaged area to remove the smell.
  • Don’t forget to clean up the carpet after using any of these methods of preventing mould and smell.
  • At last, to give your car carpet a completely dry state, you can keep fans around your car.
  • You can also take the maximum benefit of sunlight if the weather is sunny enough. The sun is the best dryer.
  • Hair Dryers can also help if any other options are not available. Also, it works best when the damage is only in a small area of the car carpet.

How to do Wet Carpet Restoration?


Most people believe they don’t need professional carpet drying services for their water-damaged carpet. But this is not as simple as you might be thinking. To restore a wet carpet by yourself will drain a lot of energy and time from you. After spending a good amount of time, money, and energy – the results might not be as per your expectations. Professionals and emergency carpet drying services know their jobs very well. They will give you your carpet in its original state within a short span of time. 

You can choose a professional service for wet carpet restoration. Professionals like us will do the work a million times better. We have all the necessary equipment and a team of experts in wet carpet drying.

If the damage is little, you can take care of it at home. But for the disasters, you must favour emergency carpet drying services


Wet Carpet Drying Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane

We at Emergency Carpet Drying are serving people for the last 15 years. Our services are considered by many people for wet carpet drying in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities. Wet carpets need immediate attention and that is why we reach anywhere in Australia within 1 hour of your call. Usually, wet carpet drying is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Emergency Carpet Drying is an expert in restoring flood-damaged carpets. And we cover 3 major categories of a flood-damaged carpet: Damage by clean water, Greywater, and Blackwater. Other than that, we can help you with services like carpet restoration, carpet drying, carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and water extraction. 

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or send a message on +61 470 344 729 now to dry your wet carpet in the best way possible.

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