Why Carpet Drying is necessary?

Ever thought about why Carpet Drying is so important? What are the benefits of Carpet Drying?

Well, your carpets bear many things. It may contain dust, bacteria, dirt, pet & human hair, and whatnot. Thus it is essential to give a good cleaning and drying session to your carpet every now and then.

Another important reason for Carpet Dying is if your carpet gets damaged by water. This could have happened due to various reasons. This could be some leakage in the house or some moisture beneath the carpet. It can also because of dropping some liquid on the carpet. Carpet Drying is necessary for serious water damage situations like flood damage. This is the time when you need emergency carpet crying services like us. As our intention is to repair and not to Replace.

The reason could be anything. Either way, it is necessary to dry your carpet immediately. Leaving a caret wet will cause mold to grow in it. Mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours in a water damaged carpet. This can be risky for you and your family’s health. Remember, carpet cannot get dried on its own. Either you have to try something by yourself, or you can hire professional carpet dryers. Professionals will make your carpet clean and dry within 3 to 5 days if the damage is serious.

Carpet Dryer for wet Carpet


Why choose Professional Carpet Drying services?

The carpet drying professionals like us have a more powerful set of equipment than you have at your home. They can conclude the exact level of damage to the carpet. Also, they have a team of well-trained technicians and who know their job. It is always a good idea to call professionals for flood and water damaged carpets.

Moreover, we reach your place within 1 hour of your call. It doesn’t matter you are in which suburb or area. We will start the cleaning and drying immediately. So this will help to minor the damage to your wet carpet. 


How long does it take a carpet to dry?

While it takes less time to clean the carpet, carpet drying can be more time-consuming. Also, it is better to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a quick carpet drying technique. 

Carpet Dryer for wet Carpet

However, there are several ways from which we can make this process faster. But carpet drying will test your patience at some point. 

Carpet drying time will depend on how much the carpet is wet or what kind of damage it has gone through. If your carpet is wet due to some small events at home, it will dry within a few hours. When your carpet is damaged by flood or any water leakage, the drying process can take several days. You can get help from professional carpet drying services in these circumstances. 


How to make Carpet Drying faster?

Carpet Drying will take its time. This is not something that anyone can do in a quick way. We all are aware of the importance of carpet in any house. It can be an essential item for any home or commercial building. If your carpet is not dried completely, it can worsen the state of the damage to your carpet. Remember, a carpet is not clean until it is not dry. 

Regular Carpet Cleaning can reduce the Carpet Drying Time

This is not something that applies after the carpet is water-damaged. But regularly cleaning your carpet will reduce the carpet drying time. You should consider cleaning your carpets once a year. You should seek help from the professionals. Hence, your house is more cleaner, meaning there will be less soil, dirt, and bacterias.

Here are some methods we use for Carpet Cleaning & Drying:

Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction uses a combination of hot water and cleaning agents. We will infuse this combination into the carpet at high pressure. This helps to remove dirt and bacteria. A vacuum will help to extract the hot water from the carpet. This process is much easier as compared to other techniques. This will provide optimal results.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing is for heavy-duty carpet cleaning & drying. We apply a foaming substance to the surface of a flood-damaged carpet. Then we clean it with a brush machine. Here, wet-vacuuming will help to remove the shampoo in the end.


Here we use natural foam detergents to clean and dry the carpet. Encapsulation is pretty similar to Carpet Shampooing. But it takes less time to dry than shampooing. 

These professional carpet cleaning and drying methods will dry your carpet faster. However, these processes also take their respective timing to completely dry a carpet. The professionals will make your carpet just like it was before the damage. Or sometimes, even better looking if treated on time.


How to Dry Carpet faster after Cleaning?

When professional carpet cleaners and dryers leave your house, the carpet may still be a little damp. This will take somewhere between 6 to 10 hours to dry. We can understand the urgency of Carpet Drying for you and your home. Carpets dry fast when exposed to the warm and dry air. Thus, here we are suggesting a few tricks to speed up the drying process. 

Use a Fan

Fans can be helpful to dry a carpet. If your carpet is directly underneath the fan, it will work quite well. Fans will also help when the weather is not suitable for carpet drying. The concentrated funnel of air will help the carpet to dry faster, and you can also avoid smells from the carpet.

If you don’t have a ceiling fan, you can use a standing or desk fan. Here, one or two fans will speed up the drying time remarkably if pointed straight to the carpet.

Open the Windows

This is one of the best ways of quick carpet drying. If your carpet is in the room with windows, open the windows, and create airflow in the room. This will also help to avoid any nasty smells that could develop in a closed room with a wet carpet. If you have windows at each end of the rooms, open both of them. This will work even better as it will double the airflow.

Opening the windows works on weather conditions. Gloomy or rainy weather will not help you in carpet drying. Instead, this will create more humidity and dampness to the carpet. In such weather, keep the windows closed and use a fan or air conditioning. 

Carpet Dryer for wet Carpet

Turn on Air Conditioning

This is not one of the best options out there. But it will help in gloomy weather or when you do not have fans or windows in the room. This can be helpful for those who live in an apartment or closed areas. This can also be helpful for commercial places. Where they don’t have windows, but they have a lot of air conditioners.

When you use air conditioning for carpet drying, it can be tough to check whether the carpet is actually dry or not. Because you may feel the carpet is still damp when it is cold due to the air conditioning. It will take longer to try due to the cold air. When the carpet starts to feel dry, shut down the AC and let the carpet come down to the room temperature. After that, you can check the carpet.

Blow Dry

The professional carpet cleaners and dryers often offer this service. If you are in a rush, you can get your carpet blow-dry by professionals like us. Here we use blowers to help dry the carpet that has already been cleaned. Keep in mind that this process is quick. It can work as a great start.

Carpet Grooming

Carpet grooming is another handy way to quick carpet drying. Here, using a carpet brush or rake, move the carpet fibers back and forth. Carpet grooming will align the surface of the carpet back to its original state. The aligned carpet will help to pull moisture out from the carpet. Ultimately, this will help to speed up the drying time.

Carpet Drying DIY using Baking Soda

If your carpet does have a tiny wet area, or if any of the above methods did not work for you, you can try this DIY approach to dry your carpet faster. Baking soda works well for absorbing any liquids or dampness.

For this DIY, you will have to first remove any excess water from the carpet. Make the carpet as dry as possible using vacuum cleaners or other machinery. After that, sprinkle the baking soda on the wet area. Try to sprinkle a large amount of it. Allow the baking soda to do its magic. So let it sit on the carpet surface for good 6 10 hours or in some cases 24 hours.

Now to clean baking soda from the carpet, you may use the vacuum cleaner and run it over the whole carpet. After vacuuming the carpet, if you still find some tiny dampness, turn on the fan.

In conclusion, carpet drying completely depends on the amount of water damage to it. Here. The important thing is to make the carpet completely dry as fast as you can. Until your carpet is dry, be careful while walking on the carpet. Avoid walking on it if not necessary. You can also ask for protective shoes from the professionals. 


How would you like to dry your carpet? By yourself or by professionals?

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